Friday, July 10, 2015

Celebrating #1MillionMinutes with Puritan's Pride!

Some of you may have seen me using the hashtag #1MillionMinutes on both Instagram and Twitter. The one #1MillionMinutes campaign kicked off on Fit Approach's 4th birthday (June 21), and will continue through August 21. This campaign motivates people to get moving this summer, and track their activity on the Fit Approach website. We're hoping to hit one million minutes by the end of summer!

Each week, Fit Approach announces prompts for members of the community to follow as they continue to stay active and share their activity. There are also some contests just for Sweat Pink Ambassadors like myself! This week, Fit Approach is teaming up with Puritan's Pride for a Mad-Lib style blog prompt. Without further ado, here's my version of the Mad-Lib!

I’m so stoked to fuel my #1MillionMinutes goals with Puritan’s Pride! All summer I plan to crush my way to a healthier, fitter me, and I’ll need help staying hydrated and fueled during all my running adventures!

I will make sure I stay on track and will rely on healthy carbs and protein to keep me well fueled before, during and after workouts, and my good ole water (and coffee) to keep me hydrated!

I’m most excited to try Dastony Organic Hazelnut Butter and NoGii No Gluten Super Protein Bars from Puritan’s Pride because they look fan-freakin-tastic'.

One supplement I’ve never tried but am curious about is melatonin. I think it might make me extra sleepy, because it's supposed to help you fall asleep faster. I lay in bed wide awake for hours every night!
Bring it, #1MillionMinutes! I’m ready to go!

I hope you enjoyed my Mad-Lib! Have yo been participating in the #1MillionMinutes campaign? There's still time to share your activity today for the "free Friday" prompt! Be sure to participate this weekend using the following prompts:
  • Saturday: What's your food philosophy? Show us a day in the life!
  • Sunday: #SundayZenday: How are you relaxing and recharging today?

Happy Friday!

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  1. (!!!) I've never had hazelnut butter. can't wait to hear how it is!